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Why did you create Monte-Carlo Weddings?

“This was a joint decision taken back in 2005 when my wife of 28 years and I decided to combine our talents and create Monaco’s first premier Wedding Planning consultancy.

We could see that there really was a niche market which was not being filled, nobody was catering to the high-end international market here on the French Riviera.

Although my wife still lends a hand with certain aspects of the business I am the one heading all of the operations. And yes, I did notice that I have the same name as Martin Short’s character “Frank the wedding planner” in the movie “Father of the Bride” – so no need to ask me if I’ve seen the movie!"

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How long have you lived in the Monaco area?

“I'm originally from Denmark and have lived in the South of France since 1979.

I've made this my home and we’ve raised a family here – so although I am not French, I can say that I am pretty much a local! Being a foreigner yet knowing how things are done here ends up being a big advantage because I know first-hand how to meet and surpass the expectations our high-end clients, who expect the very best.

Our clientele can be pretty demanding, and as the head of Monte-Carlo Weddings I’ve had some incredible experiences, including for example organising a megawedding for 600 guests over 4 days”

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Do you enjoy being a Wedding Planner?

I certainly do! ! It’s a great industry to work in. I get to work with people who are in love, about to plan pretty much the biggest event in their lives so far, and I get to do it in spectacular surroundings - what more could a man ask for?

I must say that although it is a high-powered job, it is also lots of fun if approached with the right attitude.

To top it all off, once the whole thing is over, I get to receive kudos from the couples and their guests who thank us for organizing the most seamless, expertly organized wedding they or any of their guests have ever attended!”

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Do you also organise other types of events?

“There are lots of companies in the area which organize all sorts of events: birthday parties, conferences, seminars, incentive travel, etc. but I opened a Wedding Planning boutique company because I decided to focus only on one type of event: weddings.

Weddings are my specialty; weddings are what I do; weddings are my passion. Meeting and getting to know a couple as they embark on their journey as a married couple is really a privilege which I take very seriously."

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What is your professional background?

“I have over 25 years experience in the wedding, event, catering, hotel and restaurant businesses here on the French Riviera and in the Principality of Monaco.

Having great contacts is of course very useful. For example, I once had to source an enormous crane to lift a generator onto a superyacht in the Port of Monaco – at 3 in the morning! The yacht had to leave its berth at 6 am so it was one of those unforeseeen circumstances which I once again solved with the help of my little black wedding planning book!"

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Legal Requirements

Although many couples decide to get married legally in their country before flying to the South of France for the wedding reception and various celebrations, we of course also can take care of organising the necessary paperwork if the couple fulfill all of the criteria.

Legal procedures obviously vary from country to country and depend on a variety of factors, including nationality and residency. However, this process can be streamlined if you know the ropes, as we do at Monte-Carlo Weddings.