Your Wedding will be a Bespoke Experience

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Our job is to make your wedding unique: the bespoke experience you've always dreamt about and which will leave your guests speechless. When couples visit our offices they see dozens and dozens of pictures of former MCW couples on our walls, each of whom have had very, very different types of weddings.

In fact, one of the most satisfying and  enjoyable aspects of planning someone's wedding is the knowledge that this particular type of wedding has never happened before, nor will it ever happen again.

We are not here to create  “cookie-cutter weddings," or “wedding packages." We are here to create your vision.

Our relationship with the couple

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The quality of the relationship with “our couples” as we call them, is at the core of how we run our business.

Throughout the wedding planning process we get to know you as a couple and get to know what you are like and what you want from us and from the wedding. One of the great pleasures of a wedding planner is keeping in touch with couples throughout their married life. We are always pleased to receive news of how "our couples" are doing and how their families are expanding.

Another added benefit for us is that Monte-Carlo Weddings couples keep on recommending our services to their friends. In fact, a full 55 % of clients last year came to us through past clients!

Multi-lingual, Multi-cultural

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The Monte-Carlo Weddings team is a multi-lingual and multi-cultural team with experience in many different types of weddings.

We understand that there are many unwritten cultural aspects to planning a wedding. If we take on a wedding for which we do not have the appropriate cultural expertise, we make sure to get it so that we can be up to speed in the customs and traditions showcased.

Every year our clientele becomes more and more international. Thanks to our top-notch reputation with past clients and local suppliers as well to our presence on UK, French and Danish television, Monte-Carlo Weddings continues to grow from year to year.