Wedding Venues in Southern France

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The primary reason couples choose a destination wedding is to offer their guests a truly memorable wedding in a unique and magical location.

The venue is the magical element which sets the tone for the entire experience. Years from now you and your guests might not remember all the specifics of your wedding, but one thing is certain - the venue will remain with them forever.

In fact, many couples research the costs of venues in their home country or city beforehand and often find that prices on the French Riviera are either comparable or cheaper!

Ensuring you get what you want

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Whether you ask us to plan a French Garden Wedding unlike any other you have ever dreamt of, a fabulous gathering on the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean, or a Provence Wedding worthy of an impressionist painter's palette, rest assured that Monte-Carlo Weddings is known for finding the perfect venue and theme for every couple.

Sometimes the couple doesn’t particularly agree on what type of venue they are looking for and our job is to create a solution which combines the key elements from the two ideas.

We often say that planning a wedding is a great way for couples to practice the art of compromise, something which will be coming in handy for the years to come!

Surpassing your Dreams and Expectations

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Expressing one’s vision for a future event isn’t always easy. They say that the language of emotion and spoken language are located in two different parts of the brain, and that is why dreams can be difficult to put into words. Part of our expertise is to translate what couples envision into reality.

At Monte-Carlo Weddings we have a golden rule: your expectations are taken as a starting point, not as the goal. This is because as a "couple to be" you have certain dreams and ideas – a vision of what your wedding should be like.

It is up to us to actually exceed these expectations. And we do, every time. Just take a look at our testimonials page, where couple after couple testifies to the quality of our services.