Your Guests Will be Well Looked After

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We will take care of your guests and all of their needs, so that you don’t have to field the myriad of phone calls and emails asking you about the venue, the dress code, where to get a babysitter, where to park, etc.

In fact, you will have enough to do as it is without having to answer all of their questions in the lead up to your big day.

From the very beginning of the wedding planning process your guests will have our contact details and we will be able to take care of everything!

We Take Care of Tracking RSVPs!

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What many couples do not realise is that not all wedding planners manage the RSVP process. This is because it is a very time-consuming job!

We at Monte-Carlo Weddings, however, do manage all of the RSVPs for all of our weddings - from start to finish.  Our couples send us their guest list electronicand we take care of the rest! We can even create the invitations and send from out from Monaco, if you’d like.

Then, as the weeks and months go by, we keep you informed of the progress, i.e. who is coming, who is not, who might come, who has specific dietary needs, etc.

We can Handle all the Hotel Reservations

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Destination weddings require hotel rooms and at Monte-Carlo Weddings we have staff on hand to organise their reservations.

After making several inspection visits you decide which hotels would be most suitable for your guests. We will then help you negotiate favourable rates and be on hand to help guests book their rooms. 

In addition, as we will know where all of your guests are staying, this will allow us to orchestrate matters even further, i.e.deliver welcome packs or gifts to their rooms or coordinate transportation to and from their hotels.