Experience & Expertise

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Experience and expertise are important traits for a wedding planner, to say the least!

Frank Damgaard, Monte-Carlo Weddings’ founder, has over 25 years of experience in the wedding planning, corporate event planning, hotel, hospitality and top-level catering industries.

With an excellent reputation in the Monaco and South of France areas, he has orchestrated weddings which went from intimate affairs to a grandiose Indian wedding for 600 guests over 4 days!

Creativity, Passion and

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We really are very lucky to work in this business.

Whenever we meet clients they are in a great mood: they are in love, they just got engaged and they are just about to stage the best celebration of their lives. After all, who wouldn’t be happy?

Flexibility & Good humour

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We often joke that without flexibility and good humour we would not be able to get through a “typical day in the life of a wedding planner.”

Our clients are very busy and often have last minute requests and our job is to be flexible enough to accommodate them.

As far as the good humour is concerned, we think that that is really the only way to work, no matter what your business or industry!