Glamour, Luxury & Refinement

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France is known the world over for glamour, luxury and refinement – the three top words brides use when describing their dream wedding!

Although most brides decide to purchase their wedding gowns in the home country, some do combine their meetings at Monte-Carlo Weddings with bridal dress shopping and fittings.

Other brides swear by French design houses in Paris, and prefer to go there for their dream dress.

Famous for a high level of Gastronomy

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When you think of France, what do you think of? Food!

Gastronomy has always been an integral part of the French culture and psyche, and is known the world-over.

Couples choosing to get married in France are able to offer their guests an unparalleled level of culinary expertise and refinement.

Needless to say, your guests will thank you for having decided to hold your wedding in France!

From old-world charm to modern glamour

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Your desires and your vision for your wedding are unique to you as a couple. What makes our job easier is that here in France we have such a wide variety of venues, that we can safely say that everybody’s tastes can be satisfied.

Do you dream of walking down the aisle of a historic French chateau? Getting married in a medieval church perched high above the Mediterranean? Or do you dream instead of a modern villa with a large turquoise pool, with silver decor and all white flowers, or perhaps hosting an all-out extravaganza at a famous nightclub?

The South of France and the Principality of Monaco really do offer the best of both worlds, the old and the new.