A Wide Variety of Romantic Venues

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Can you imagine yourself looking out over the Mediterranean on your wedding day, with your future partner by your side? How perfect would that be?

Can you imagine hearing the sound of the waves splashing on the beach and the birds singing in the trees, all accompanied by the smell of lush local flowers drifting your way? What a symphony for the senses!

The Côte d’Azur is a perfect place for a destination wedding, with easy access by air (so that all of the guests can fly in) and – obviously, stunning, beautiful, romantic settings which will make their way into your wedding photo album and therefore remain with you forever.

Top-notch venue expertise

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Our expertise when it comes to venues is unparalleled.

After compiling a short-list of suitable venues, we schedule appointments to coincide with your visit to the French Riviera and then accompany you for inspections, sharing our expertise along the way.

Some couples often sign off on venues before they come to see us, which we do not recommend because there is a myriad of factors which they are not taking into account. Naturally, there are pros and cons to every site and when visiting venues with a couple we are able to bring this perspective to the table (and often negotiate a lower rate, since we understand the local market).

Our Connections Make the Difference

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Not all wedding venues are actually on the market.

At Monte-Carlo Weddings we have a wide network of connections which means that highly sought after villas which normally do not rent out for weddings can be at your disposal.

Furthermore, we love coming up with new ideas and have often been the very first wedding planners to ever use a particular venue for a weddin - setting a trend for other planners in the area.